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  1. Krissy Graham says:

    You are so inspiring and I hit my 20 year mark in education this year and could use some advice. Would love to hear from you cgraham@mcpss.com

  2. Carisse says:

    Hey Elizabeth! I found you on Instagram and you are SO encouraging to this weary old teacher of eight years! I LOVE love love this idea of 20Time. But I am always jealous of reading teachers because I feel like they get to have more fun with their projects. Do you know of any ways I could incorporate this into my 6th grade math and science classroom? I teach 2 science, and 2 math classes each day to the same group of kids. So I see the same kids in the afternoon for science, that I did in the morning for math. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!

    1. Hi Carisse! You can definitely incorporate 20Time projects into a math and science classroom. They could choose a topic or create a question that is science based. If there’s a topic that piques their interest that isn’t covered in your class or a burning question about the world they could investigate more of I think that would be a phenomenal connection!

  3. Ashlynn O-K says:

    Hello Elizabeth!

    First off, you are a sensation. Any advice and/or references for science lessons?

    Yay Education!
    Ms. O-K

    1. Hi Ashlynn!

      You are so sweet! Science is not a subject that I currently teach but I would highly recommend Flocabulary for fabulous science rap videos, projects, and ideas. I would also recommend being a “substitute teacher” and dressing up as a mad scientists now and then to get the students pumped about an experiment or lesson you are working on! I hope this helps : )

      Yay Education indeed!!

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